Whole body health

Nikki consistently coaches me through a great workout and focuses on my “whole body health”. She combines her educational background in kinesiology with practical training experience and customizes my workout based on her knowledge and my personal fitness goals. She listens to my concerns and has an encouraging and motivating style.  She takes training seriously and seems to experience an intrinsic reward when I tell her how good I feel about the way I look.

I recently spoke with a prior co-worker of hers at a local L.A. gym. When I expressed my extreme satisfaction with her as a trainer he retorted “Yeah, she really gives a damn”.

I have been training with her for almost 3 years and will stay with her as long as possible. If you want a holistic trainer whose primary concern is your health, welfare and fitness, you owe it to yourself to give Nikki a try. You won’t be disappointed!

-Lisa williams, client since 2009

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