Fit Bride!

 I’m so grateful to have found Nikki as a personal trainer.  I first trained with her while I was preparing for my wedding and didn’t want to be a  “chubby” bride.  I am so glad I did.  I felt great wearing a strapless dress that showed off my back shoulders and arms that Nikki helped me tone up for the big day.  Even after my wedding, I have continued to keep her as my personal trainer to keep me on track with my endurance and activity level.  As a very busy professional, it is important to me that my trainer be flexible with my schedule and be reliable.  Nikki has not let me down once.  She is always on time and never cancels last minute like many trainers do.  She also has great eating tips on how to eat smart without having to starve yourself.  I would recommend Nikki to anyone that is willing to put some work into getting into shape, or simply adding her training sessions to a current workout regimen.  She is very patient and can work around an injury or on days when I am not feeling 100%. 

-Traci Yomen

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