Stronger, Pain Free and I am able to do Anything!!!

I have been using Nikki as a trainer for over 2 years.  I started training with her after a severe accident in which I broke my right wrist, left elbow, left rotator cuff tear and a concussion  I had originally had three surgeries to repair injuries which left me with a plate in my right wrist and pins in my left elbow.  As suggested by my surgeon, Dr. Modabber from the Santa Monica Orthopedic Group, I started with physical therapy which worked initially to a point.  After having a bad experience with a secondary therapist who exacerbated my injuries and facing the real probability of having another surgery, I tried using a trainer.  Nikki was a god-send!

Nikki constantly adjusted my training program to help me get over some very real obstacles.  I now have full range of motion, complete usage of my right wrist and left arm to the point that I am stronger and practically pain free, a feat that was not in the realm of possibility after my accident. 

Everyday i am thankful for my progress and thankful that I found Nikki.  With her educational background and “hands-on” approach I am now able to do anything!  My #1 goal at the beginning was to be able to catch my grandchildren safely as they run and launch off through the air at me with total trust in their eyes.  I know that I can DO THAT and catch them safely while adding  in a twirl!- And no surgery!

I have also referred my daughter, who recently started in what I call a “bride-to-be” boot camp specifically designed for her. 

Thanks, Patricia M. McNamara

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