Best life changing decision

After many many years of not working out, I decided to get a trainer and join the gym. Nikki became my trainer for 2 years and during that time she always kept every session fresh. They were always fun and challenging at the same time. When I first started to train with Nikki, it seemed as if I had a hard time doing every exercise because I hadn’t been active in so long, but she was always very encouraging and after my session was over I always left feeling like I had accomplished something. 

Nikki has had me try most of the machines or equipment at the gym and I have tried so many different exercises that I can’t keep count. The great thing about that is that I’m now able to use any machine that I want to at the gym and if I take a class and I have to do an exercise at least I know I’ll be using proper form. One of the things that Nikki always stressed in training was learning how to use the machines and doing the exercises using proper form so you avoid injuries and get the best benefit out of your workout. That lesson has stuck with me and I always think of it whenever I’m working out. 
In those 2 years I trained with Nikki, my body became toned and stronger. I ran in a few 5Ks as well as a couple of 5K mud runs which was a huge accomplishment for me since I was never a runner. She helped me get into the best shape of my life with her positive attitude and her encouragement. If anyone asks me about a trainer, I always talk about how great Nikki is because she’s the BEST.
-Lia Martel

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