Quick Summer Ready Workout!

Warm up with jumping jacks and a foam roller if you have one.

1. Burpees- 30 secsImage

2.  Squat Jumps- 12 reps


3. Side plank with pushup.  If that is too advanced then you can go on your knees for the pushup or go on your elbows and take the pushup out and just go into a side plank.  Lets try for 6 on each side.


4.  T and Y Raises.  So do 6 reps in the Y postion and 6 reps in a T position with your THUMBS UP and repeat 3 times for a total of 18 reps


Continue these exercises for 4 rounds and a no break!!! Good Luck and let me know how it feels!!!

2 thoughts on “Quick Summer Ready Workout!

  1. hey there brian greetings from germvnyiae also just started the program 4 days ago and though ive not been able to do any workout the last 2 days due to sore muscles in my arms and overstretching in my hips (can barely walk now hehe) i really feel good and confident already. i got on my bike today and hit the sauna to cure my muscle aches i hope im better tomorrow so i can continue with the program ; )im really looking forward to it

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