Healthy eating and working hard!

My kindhearted, beautiful and motivational personal trainer!! 🙂
She’s supportive, she listens to you very well, she shares any information that she thinks is beneficial to you, and she’s always on time. She has never been late. EVER.
And she’s definitely tough in a good way. But we’re all looking for some kind of toughness in personal trainers right?! I mean if you could go tough by yourself then you need no personal trainer!

I couldn’t get rid of my belly fat when I was working out by myself but ever since I started working out with Nikki (and eating healthy of course) I started to see two lines on my abs and I’m so happy! I haven’t achieved my goal yet, but I’m definitely on my way there.
I’d definitely recommend Nikki to anyone who wants to be in shape and fit!!

-Saki Taji

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