Healthy Snacks

Here are some healthy snacks that will keep you on track in between meals:

1) Almonds- a handful, about 15 almonds.  Low in carbs, high fiber and good protein

2) 2 tbsp. of Hummus with fresh cut veges (Hummus is low in calories, carbs and sugar, tasty and has good protein)

3) 6oz non-fat plain Greek yogurt with a couple tbsp. of  fresh fruit or cinnamon(greek yogurt has about more protein, less sugar and less carbs than regular non-fat plain yogurt.)

4) 1 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk (only 45cals and less sugar compared with 90cals in skim milk)

5) A piece of ezekiel bread  with sliced avocado or almond butter  on top. (The bread has 9 essential amino acids and rich in protein, vitamins and natural fiber with no added fat.)

6) Low fat or light string cheese with a small apple (Try to get organic milk products with no antibiotics)

7) Baby carrot sticks, cucumber, celery, bell peppers, or snap peas

8) Celery with 1 tablespoon of almond or peanut butter

9) Medium size banana with a tbsp. of almond butter

10) Kale chips

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