Part 2- No Excuse Workout!!

(We can keep the same warmup and maybe add a couple laps around the park if you can.)  I put the changes in BOLD so if you decide that you are not ready for the progression, you can just keep the same exercise that we did last week.)

Warm-up:  Jumping Jacks- 25, Butt kicks-20secs, High knees-30secs

(perform all exercises 3-4 times depending on how much time you have)

1. Pushups on knees or toes or a combo going side to side (so feet are stationary and you move to the right and to the left/ 12-20 reps

2. Body weight squats-10 reps , jump squats-10 reps for a total of 20 each

3. Plank or Bridge on the floor/ 60 secs

4. Plank position on your hands coming back onto your elbows. up with rt. up with lf. and down with rt. and down with lf. /total of 6 each side

5.  Double Walking lunges/ up and back/ 20 (so 2 stationary lunges before you walk forward)

6. Side Bridge/ 45secs each side

7. Burpies/30 secs.

This is a progression to the workout from last week.    Please let me know if you have an questions about the exercises and how to perform each correctly.

Thanks, nikki

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