Good pre-workout snacks

Depending on when you are working out and what type of workout, you might need a little snack before your training session. Here are some snacks that will provide you with enough energy to give 110%.  Pre-workout snacks should have a little protein, fat and carbohydrates to keep fueled for 60 mins of intense exercise.

  • Low fat or non fat yogurt (Greek yogurt is also a good choice because it is high in protein)
  • A piece of whole wheat toast with almond butter or avocado, or cheese
  • A small/medium apple with a tbsp. of almond or peanut butter or string cheese
  • A small banana with almond or peanut butter
  • A hand full of nuts and some whole wheat crackers
  • A shake with protein with less then 200 calories
  • A protein bar with less then 200 calories
  • A hard boiled egg with a slice of wheat toast

Some individuals can eat 30mins before a workout and some have to wait 2-3 hours after they have eaten.  You know your body so if you just need a little something then just eat an apple.  If you are fine, then wait till after your workout and fuel with lean protein, veges,  and complex carbs.  In addition to eating, you should also be drinking plenty of water throughout the day!!

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