Posted in June 2012

How to Go Organic without Going Broke! Buying Organic Food on a Budget — By Leanne Beattie, Health & Fitness Writer Step into any supermarket these days and you’re sure to find a wide variety of organic foods on the shelves. From produce, milk and meat to breakfast cereals and snack foods, consumers have their pick of certified organic products—a far … Continue reading

Why Should You Strength Train?

  Benefits of Strength Training: There are so many reasons as to why strength training is beneficial to your body and mind.  Here are some benefits that will explain why one should add strength training into a workout routine. Beneficial for Bone Health and Diseases: Since research has shown that we lose bone and muscle … Continue reading

Best life changing decision

After many many years of not working out, I decided to get a trainer and join the gym. Nikki became my trainer for 2 years and during that time she always kept every session fresh. They were always fun and challenging at the same time. When I first started to train with Nikki, it seemed as if … Continue reading