Posted in February 2013

Stronger, Pain Free and I am able to do Anything!!!

I have been using Nikki as a trainer for over 2 years.  I started training with her after a severe accident in which I broke my right wrist, left elbow, left rotator cuff tear and a concussion  I had originally had three surgeries to repair injuries which left me with a plate in my right … Continue reading

Good pre-workout snacks

Depending on when you are working out and what type of workout, you might need a little snack before your training session. Here are some snacks that will provide you with enough energy to give 110%.  Pre-workout snacks should have a little protein, fat and carbohydrates to keep fueled for 60 mins of intense exercise. … Continue reading

Originally posted on L-Jay Health:
It’s always interesting to see the studies done on processed foods and how they compare to natural whole foods. In the photo above the watermelon aged as time went by representing that it is a natural food from the earth. On the flip side, the burger and fries did not…